Team Management Profile Test

Team Management Profile Test

Team Management Profile Test

Simply add to basket and proceed to the checkout.  We will then be in touch by email with your invitation to complete the Team Management Profile online and to arrange a time for your feedback session.  Please note that this is not an automated service and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. You are always welcome to call is with any questions you may have. We are able to offer this service to people living outside of the UK, but will need to make alternative arrangements for your feedback call e.g. Skype or have you call us due to the cost involved.   

Complete the Team Management Profile Test online, receive your report and telephone feedback from a qualified practitioner.

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Team Management Profile Test

Why Invest in Team Management Profile test?

Understand and use the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile for:

  • Personal/professional development
  • Career development & progression
  • The basis of work-based/personal coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Increased personal awareness and effectiveness

What is the Team Management Profile Test?

The Team Management Profile test is a psychometric report based on the work of Carl Jung.  It is different to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator as it reports  reports work-based preferences and roles.  After completion of the online questionnaire, you will receive a comprehensive 4,500 report based on your personality within the workplace.  With over 208 possible reports available, and specifically focusing on the working environment, the Team Management Profile is our tool of choice for professional development.


The 8 Team Roles of the Team Management Profile:

  • Explorer-Promoter:  Persuader, “seller”; Likes varied, exciting, stimulating work; Easily bored; Influential and outgoing
  • Assessor-Developer: Analytical and objective; Developer of ideas; Enjoys prototype or project work; Experimenter
  • Thruster-Organiser:  Organizes and implements; Quick to decide; Results-oriented; Sets up systems; Analytical
  • Concluder-Producer:  Practical; Production-oriented; Likes schedules and plans; Pride in reproducing goods and services; Values effectiveness and efficiency
  • Controller-Inspector: Strong on control; Detail-oriented; Low need for people contact; An inspector of standards and procedures
  • Upholder-Maintainer: Conservative, loyal, supportive; Personal values important; Strong sense of right and wrong; Work motivation based on purpose
  • Reporter-Advisor:  Supporter, helper, tolerant; A collector of information; Dislikes being rushed; Knowledgeable; Flexible
  • Creator-Innovator: Imaginative; Future-oriented; Enjoys complexity; Creative; Likes research work