MBTI Step 2

MBTI Step 2

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step 2 is a relatively recent addition to this powerful tool. Whilst the MBTI Step 1 is very effective at illustrating the fundamental ways in which we differ and experience the world, it (like any other tool) has its limitations. Perhaps you know two people of the same MBTI Personality Type, yet what you experience from them is so very different. The MBTI Step 2 takes each of the 8 scales from Step 1 and breaks them down into 5 sub-scales known as facets. This gives us not 4 ways in which we differ but 40! These are detailed below.

MBTI Step 2 Facets

We can use this knowledge to help explain why similar MBTI personality types appear so very different. Let’s take the example below which explores the E/I dichotomy. Whilst in this case, the overall preference is for Extraversion (E), only 3 of the 5 facets are preferred, giving rise to an intimate and quiet Extravert. To some, a person with this preference may come across as a mistaken Introvert. Someone with a preference for all 5 of the Extraversion facets would come across very differently when compared to this example. The same is true for all 4 dichotomies.

MBTI Step 2


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