MBTI Judging Perceiving


The final dichotomy,added by Myers & Briggs, describes the external lifestyle we prefer to lead. In this model these differences are termed Judging (J) and Perceiving (P).

Myers & Briggs termed this function as the 'extraverted' function. Building on the work of Jung, Myers & Briggs suggested that in our daily lives, we also have a preference for using either our'perceiving' function S or N (gathering new information) or for our 'Judging' function T or F(decision making and closure). Being an extraverted function, we demonstrate this preference in our relationship with the outside world.

Judging (J)

  • Often appear planned and organised in their daily routines.
  • Planned and organised.
  • Feel supported by structure, guidelines and standardised methods.
  • Dislike surprises and last minute changes.
  • May gain satisfaction from ticking off completed tasks on a list.
  • Often complete projects in a step-by-step, fashion, and in advance of the deadline.


MBTI Judging


Perceiving (P)

  • Often appear to have no plan of action and act on spontaneity.
  • Flexible and adaptable.
  • Enjoy freedom and variety. Resist or fight against structure, rules, plans etc.
  • Enjoy surprises and last minute changes.
  • May also use lists. Will probably add to, continually alter or lose the list altogether.
  • Often leave projects until the very last minute, thriving on the frenetic activity that is needed.


MBTI Perceiving