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This site is intended to provide information on Jungian personality type theory, the 16 personality types and for those who wish to find a trained professional who can administer the various tools based on it. This site is owned and maintained by Developing Potential (UK) Ltd and should in no way be confused with the owners of the MBTI®, Consulting Psychology Press, Inc., or other personality profiling tools. MBTI®, Myers-Briggs® and Myers Briggs Type Indicator® are registered trademarks of Consulting Psychology Press, Inc (CPP). For training in the administration of this personality tools mentioned on this site, contact the distributor directly.

Workplace Effectiveness Reports

Do you already know your Jungian personality type?  Would you like others to better understand your needs within the workplace?  Do you want more effective relationships at work?  With your direct reports, with your peers, or with your manager?  Would you like to be an even better manager?  If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, the Workplace Effectiveness Report can help you to increase both personal and team performance through meeting personality needs within workplace.

The Workplace Effectiveness Report is a highly practical report specifically for the workplace, designed to accelerate; the on-boarding of new hires, the coaching and mentoring of direct reports, team-working and create more effective communication between employees.  Based on our research, experience and expertise, each Workplace Effectiveness Report details information on each of the following areas:

  • Summary description
  • Likes to be known for…
  • Ideal working environment
  • Types of projects that energise and motivate
  • Areas of potential difficulty
  • Work-based meetings
  • Giving & Receiving feedback
  • Needs in times of workplace change
  • Needs from a coach/mentor
  • General communication tips
  • Areas to consider for personal & professional development

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16 Personality TypesPerhaps one of the most well know personality instruments is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI)®. This personality questionnaire was the first to be developed from the work of psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung (image right). Central to the MBTI® is Jung’s theory of psychological type. It suggests that there are fundamental ways in which we, as people, differ. Just like the hand we prefer to write with, Jung’s theory of type suggests that there are also differing ways in which we prefer to think and interact. Adapted by two non-psychologists in 1943, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs-Myers developed the MBTI® from a desire to help people access Jung’s theory of psychological type in a more useful and relevant way. With over 60 years of research and testing, the MBTI® is a statistically valid and reliable instrument, with over 3 million people completing the questionnaire every year. There are now a variety of personality tools available based on the 16 Personality Types and Jung’s work, to include the Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI®) by Team Focus,and the Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile® by Tmsdi.


Tools such as the MBTI® do not measure trait, behaviour, ability or amount. Instead, they aim to indicate an individual’s clarity of preference on a set of four dichotomies (a dichotomy being a set of two opposite ways of being). These eight fundamental differences are detailed in The 4 Dichotomies. In this model, and in accepting that everyone has a psychological preference for each of these ‘opposites’, 16 personality types or combinations are possible. To discover and fully understand your personality profile we recommend you contact an accredited practitioner. Having an understanding of your own, and other’s, psychological/personality type can be valuable in a number of ways. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is one of a number of tools ideal for; personal development, business, team and organisational development, identifying career options, conflict resolution, identifying leadership styles and for teaching and learning.


Tools such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® are not a test or an assessment. Unlike other tools that measure trait, behaviour and ability, and given the subjective nature of these instruments, it is highly recommended that you seek administration and feedback from accredited practitioners. This will ensure you always get the most from these enlightening and valuable tools. If you would like to take the MBTI® or another tool online, receive feedback from a qualified practitioner and you live in the UK, you can also take online personality tests here.



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